Sohrab Charna, AIA

As founder and principal of Designworx a Architecture and land planning firm, Mr. Charna oversees all design and production work for the firm. As a licensed architect in California, he has over 32 years of experience in the field of architecture and real estate development. Mr. Charna has a diverse and extensive portfolio of projects that range from research and development facilities, manufacturing facilities, office buildings, research centers, shopping centers, and mixed use business parks office/research and development facilities. Education Bachelor of Architecture degree, University of Texas at Arlington, 1976 Experience Howard F. Thompson and Associates, 1978-1989. Served as Senior Associate in charge of a variety of architectural projects ranging from office/research and development facilities to mixed-use parks. In 1988 and 1989 was in charge of 1.8 million S.F of office/manufacturing buildings in the Irvine Spectrum for the Irvine Company.

  • Founding member Archeion, 1989 a three partner Architecture firm.
  • Founder, Designworx Architecture and Land Planning, 1999
  • Founder, Tesla Associates LLC,  2000, a  real estate development company focusing on small office and industrial buildings.
  • Tesla has owned and or developed 450,000 SF of office buildings in Southern California and Texas.
  • Involved in Atbox technology a family business, to develop and bring to market various medical patient monitoring products.

Sohrab speaks three languages and assist various non profit associatios,  He is also instrumental in accusation and rehabilitation of a 15,000 s.f. ZAC community center.

Mr. Charna is a US citizen and has been living in Southern California with his family for 35 years.