Yukihisa Namiki

Yukihisa Namiki (MIKI) graduated from University of Southern California (USC) and its graduate school. His academic background is biomedical engineering, electrical engineering and computer engineering. Based on the knowledge and experiences, he joined Japanese National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), which is fairly equivalent to American National Institute of Standard and Technology (NIST). He developed international collaborations and industrialization of tissue engineering, nanotechnology, nano-biotechnology, advanced medical technology, stem cell related technology as a government researcher. The research experiences have enriched his translational skills that he enhances and translates basic researches and new technologies into practical and industrial technologies. In order to propel the translational business, he established World Intellectual Property Holdings, Inc. (WIPH). WIPH has translated basic technologies, related to tissue engineering, nanotechnology, stem cell related technology, healthcare informatics, genetic engineering, advanced medical technology and quality of life (QOL) technology into business formats. He studies human Quality of Life (QOL) and technologies to maintain and enhance QOL.